I was born on the East Coast,  but have lived in a lot of third world settings. Liberia, West Africa as a child, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas & St. John) as a young adult, and a few other places around the globe. I was a member and coach for the 1984 U.S. Virgin Islands Olympic Fencing team, Sabre and Épée.

Since living in Washington I have worked for Microsoft as a Marketing Manager delivering “Day in the life of…” seminars nation wide for Microsoft. Over 500 hours of experience presenting seminars in-person, to more than 32 thousand individuals nationwide as a Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

Formerly a Director for the Foundation Board for Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, WA and assisted the college in projects that concern the Power Equipment and Motorsports industry.

I feel it is these experiences that make me an individual that can acclimate to any environment and excel at any given task.

I love motorcycle riding. So much in fact I eventually became a RiderCoach. Helping people learn how to ride motorcycles was a very challenging and rewarding experience for me. Experiencing the highs and lows of what goes into the coaching made me appreciate the different learning styles that people possess. I enjoyed watching a group of students start out as individuals and end up cheering each other on in an effort to help other students succeed. Very much like a team building event in that the individuals in the process of learning, developed into a team without their knowing it. To see the smile of success on their faces and knowing they participated solely to become safe riders… made it very rewarding indeed.

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