I was born on the East Coast but have lived in a lot of third world settings. Liberia, West Africa as a child, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas & St. John) as a young adult, and a few other places around the globe. I was a member and coach for the 1984 U.S. Virgin Islands Olympic Fencing team, Sabre and Épée.

Since living in Washington, I have worked for Microsoft as a Marketing Manager delivering “Day in the life of…” seminars nationwide for Microsoft. I have over five hundred hours of experience presenting in-person seminars to more than thirty-two thousand individuals nationwide as a Marketing Manager at Microsoft. Current member of Microsoft Alumni Network.

Formerly a Director for the Foundation Board for Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, WA and assisted the college in projects that concern the Power Equipment and Motorsports industry.

It is these experiences that make me an individual that can acclimate to any environment and excel at any given task.

I love motorcycle riding. So much in fact I eventually became a RiderCoach. Helping people learn how to ride motorcycles was a particularly challenging and rewarding experience for me. Experiencing the highs and lows of what goes into coaching made me appreciate the different learning styles that people possess. I enjoyed watching a group of students start out as individuals and end up cheering each other on to help other students succeed. Very much like a team building event in that the individuals in the process of learning develop into a team without their knowing it. To see the smile of success on their faces and knowing they participated solely to become safe riders… made it extremely rewarding indeed.

Steven Banks

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