COVID-19 Forced Modernization!

Recently our non-profit organization has gone through the same trials and tribulations any company during these times would. We’ve expressed the need to digitize portions of our services for some time, an COVID-19 has sped that process up quite a bit. So while modernization has been forced upon us, it is a welcome sight and long overdue!

The three areas of concern were (in no order of importance) Forms – getting all of our static paper forms digitized for electronic use – Webinars – finding a way to get our message across to our customers in an engaging way – Repository – of all of our combined knowledge and resources into one place.

We have employed the use of DocuSign, Zoom, and Confluence. I’m responsible for the first two from a perspective of learning the services and disseminating that information to my colleagues as an admin of the services.

I have spent the last three to four weeks pouring over DocuSign University classes, videos, and just experimenting in general. I have been able to get all of our existing static paper forms into DocuSign. This is mostly due to the simplicity of the process and also my past experience (decades ago) with “Flat File” databases like FileMaker Pro of old.

While DocuSign has a tremendous amount of educational videos, I decided to simplify the training using documents that they are used to. What follows is a collection of those videos.

How to Navigate DocuSign
Send an Envelope
How a Client Sees these Forms
Making Template Favorites
Bulk Sending
All can be viewed here