Two weeks into Android…

So it’s been two weeks since dipping my toe into Android and the Nokia 6.1, so I’ll share my journey thus far.

I am very much impressed with the physical build quality of the Nokia 6.1, the solid aluminum unibody construction gives this phone a serious flagship feel. The fit & finish of the phone is incredible along with the anodized accents on the edges.


Haven’t run into any issues with the telephone making or receiving calls, the volume and clarity is fine. The only issue I did have was getting it to communicate with my ’17 MINI F55 to “read” incoming “texts.” But I finally did get that figured out with a few setting changes and an app. Setting change was to set the Bluetooth to “AAC,” that along with using Pulse for messaging and ReadItToMe for “text-to-voice” and things are operating OK. Still not as flawlessly with my old HP X3 Elite (Windows Phone 10), but it’ll do.

One huge gain is using my Vector Smartwatch with the Android app. It works much better that the Windows Phone version ever did, and provides better connectivity and features. So that’s a huge plus for me.

“The App Gap” I was in denial when major companies starting pulling out from WP and because of my devotion, felt I wasn’t missing out on anything. The apps that we never had or taken away from us on the Windows Phone platform are really nice to have on the Android, like “Tap-to-Pay (using any dang card you want),” “Bank of America,” “Amazon Alexa, Amazon Prime Music!”


Android just delivered a new app named “Files Go,” and this is a cleaning app for duplicate files, photos, and does a good job cleaning temporary files and cleaning up memory. Even though I have an SD card, this helps keeping the phones built in storage space trim.

While I’m mostly using Microsoft apps e.g., Microsoft Launcher and all the other apps I haven’t delved into using “Assistants” full blast yet. Just fooling around so far, Google Assist looks promising versus Cortana. But I’ll have to put both through the paces.

Love Edge and Bing on this phone. Waze on the WP was crap; Waze on Android is sprite and has more features.

The only thing I’ve yet to try out extensively is the camera, just played around but haven’t performed any real “photography” tasks to date. I’ll report back when I do.


  1. Is there any way to show the current informatio within the app icon on the home screen? This is possible with live tiles on the old windows phone, but also on windows tablets.
    Similar live tile information is to show distance/steps/cal on the fitibit app, or current podcast in your podcast playlist.
    Otherwise I don’t see much the point of the MS launcher, since moving the launch icons around and setting background screen is fine with default Android.
    I know there are a few Android widgets, but just mainly for e-mail, text, weather, facebook

    1. I “LOVED” Live Tiles as much as any Windows Phone user, but that’s a unique feature we’re not going to see anytime soon on the two OSs that are left in the market. But a few months into Android use and yes I miss Live Tiles, but not a deal breaker for me.

      As far as Microsoft Launcher, I love it for the seamless integration it provides me on my phone. Timeline that syncs with my desktop, StickyNotes that syncs with my desktop, Microsoft To-Do on both phone and desktop (which I don’t use, I use Todoist) Recent Activities, Cortana is more integrated with more features coming monthly, and Phone Companion which allows me to read and send SMS on my desktop and more.

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